Birthday Gratitude

Today I celebrate turning 63 years and 9 months young!
I thank my mother Eunice Oakes for developing and nurturing my life then birthing me into this world along with making her sacrifices on the journey of raising me.
I am truly a blessed woman and thank everyone who is or will be sharing moments in this day with me. ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

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Creative Mind to Visual Art.

As an Artist and an intermediate painter, I often create some beautiful visuals by using the expressive energy that feeds my soul.

With gratitude, I thank the artists who share their talent and techniques so that I might learn to become better and refine my craft.

Please enjoy this video that contains some W.I.P pieces and some completed pieces of my art.

Thanks for the viewing!

A little about me.

Hello, let me introduce myself for those who are not familiar with me.
My name is Cyndi, also known as Willow Oakes.

I am an Artist, Photographer and Author who lives in the foothills of western Maine. My creative side is energized by nature where the earth meets the water with whispers of animals from the forest.

I love to capture the visuals of whatever feeds my soul by using photography which encourages me to produce my paintings ♡♡♡

I enjoy my writing times however, I do not always find enough time to participate in things like blogging because I’m so active outside. Writing often flows freely for me when I sleep so I have a recorder near at all times. This allows me to note my active thoughts so that I can refer to my notes when I am available to write. It all sounds a bit crazy but let’s me enjoy writing when I can .

Thanks for following my stories, photography and art creations!